Our Location
Our location is a bit of a secret. This is purely to protect the privacy of our resident guests. It's best to make a prior booking, after which we will either give you directions or arrange transport for you. However, for your information, we are on a spit of land jutting out into the sea, cut off from the mainland by a salt water creek. Access to Elsewhere is via a 70 meter long wooden foot bridge across a creek.

We are located in North Goa, about 30 minutes drive from Calangute, Baga or Panjim, 20 minutes drive from Mapuca, and about 45 minutes drive from Old Goa. We are a little over an hour's drive away from Goa's Dabolim Airport.

Getting to Goa
You can fly directly into Goa by Chartered flights which come from the UK, Germany, Finland, and a few other countries. Some of the chartered flight operators are Monarch, My Travel, Thompson, First Choice and Finnair. For more information do a Google search for 'Cheap flights to Goa'. There are also a few scheduled flights which fly in directly to Goa from the Middle East.

Alternatively, you could fly in to Bombay (Mumbai) or Delhi on a scheduled flight (British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Air France, Alitalia etc) and then take a domestic flight to Goa. We would be happy to provide you with links of all our domestic airlines where you could make online bookings.

The flight from Bombay to Goa is about an hour long, and the flight from Delhi to Goa is a little over 2 hours.

Google Earth
If you use Google Earth, the Goa Airport coordinates are: 15° 23' 8.40" N, 73° 50' 21.30" E.

Should you confirm a booking with us we will provide you with our Google Earth Coordinates.

Car and Driver
Elsewhere can provide a car and driver at an extra charge so that you have the freedom to visit a different beach or in the evenings sample the many restaurants in Goa. We have a book in each house and tent which will provide you with useful information about the interesting things that you could do in Goa.

There is a yoga centre and instructors within walking distance from Elsewhere. Please ask for timings of classes.

To book any accommodation at Elsewhere you will need to pay 50% in advance either by Credit Card or through a Bank Transfer and the balance, 2 months prior to your arrival date. We generally only accept bookings for 7 nights or longer, unless we need to fill in gaps between longer bookings..

Although Goa has a fair amount of mosquitoes during certain periods of the year, and also Malaria, we generally do not have a mosquito problem since we are surrounded by salt water which mosquitoes do not like. However each bedroom and tent has an electric mosquito repellant which has proved to be very effective. If you need to protect yourself outdoors we suggest you bring repellant cream or spray.

Months of Operation
We have 4 beach houses and 3 tents. The houses are open from the 1st of Oct till the end of May. The tents are operational from the 15th of October till the 15th of May. A large number of our guests are repeat customers who make bookings way in advance. It is therefore recommended that you book early, especially for the peak seasons.

Internet and Mobile Phone connectivity - (To ruin your holiday!)
We have Internet connectivity on our office computer, which may be used for checking your email. We also have free Wi-Fi connectivity in certain areas where you could use your laptop to connect to the internet.

The Sea, Climate and Seasons
October – Could be warm at times. During the first 2 weeks it is generally sunny, however, there could be an occasional shower. Average day time temperatures are around 28C; night time temperatures around 24 C. The sea is generally calm, warm and safe for swimming.
November – Sunny and cooler than October. Daytime temperatures should be around 25C; night time temperatures around 22C. The sea is generally calm, warm and safe for swimming.
December to end of February – This is the best time to be in Goa. It is always sunny. Daytime temperatures are a pleasant 24C, night time temperatures around 20C. The sea is generally calm, warm and safe for swimming. On certain days from the middle till the end of February, a moderate wind may pick up, which might make the sea slightly choppy, but it is still generally safe for swimming.
March and April – From March onwards the temperatures tend to start rising. Towards the end of March the daytime temperatures could be around 35C; night time temperatures around 28C. April tends to be hot. Daytime temperatures could go up to about 37C; night time temperatures around 30C. The sea is generally calm, warm and safe for swimming.
May – Tends to be quite hot. Daytime temperatures could go up to 38C; night time temperatures could go up to 31C. There could be pre-monsoon showers after the 15th of May when the sea could also turn choppy, and on certain days, not suitable for swimming.

The Beach
We are located on a beach which is more or less cut off on all sides by water. It is therefore naturally protected and semi-private. It is a safe beach for swimming and the incline is extremely gradual.

Lay of the land and location of Villas
To see an aerial photo of the property, please click here.

Medical Aid
Should you need a doctor we have one on call 24 hours of the day. It is always a good idea to carry the medicines you normally need.

Contact Details
If you want to make a booking for a tent, please go to the "Otter Creek Tents"page of this site and make a booking with the details mentioned on that page. If you want to book a house, please go the page of "The Beach House" on this site and open one of the four house of your choice and send us an e-mail with details given on that page. For emergencies ONLY, you may call us on +91 9923587713 or +91 9870011500. We are 5.1/2 hours ahead of GMT and 9.1/2 hours ahead of (EST - USA Eastern Standard Time).

Local Currency
The local currency is Indian Rupees (Rs). The conversion rate is approx 1(UK Sterling) to Rs 72, and $1(US) to Rs 45; Euro 1 to Rs. 60. Note- these rates are approximate and do fluctuate.

We run like a little hotel. We have housekeeping and a dining shack area where you order food from a menu and pay for what you order at the end of your stay. The cost of a meal per person is approximately 4 to 7 (UK Pounds Sterling) depending on what your order from our vast menu. We have a selection of wines, beers and sodas stocked in a mini-bar in each room and tent. There are tea and coffee machines in all accommodation, with complementary tea and coffee.

We're equipped to do light personal laundry for a nominal fee.

Goa has a relatively low crime rate and petty theft can be avoided by taking normal security precautions. We have day and night security guards who patrol the grounds and there is staff around and about all day.

The possession and/ or taking of drugs is a serious offence followed by many years in an Indian jail even before a trial. We do not ever allow drugs to be brought into 'Elsewhere' for whatever reason. If we suspect that this has occurred, we reserve the right to ask you to vacate the premises - without notice.
Youll find that in India, we tend to celebrate life a tad noisily. And Goa is no exception. Thankfully, up until now, Elsewhere has been largely isolated from this, apart from the occasional village wedding. However, in the recent past we have occasionally had music wafting over from across the creek. This can be at varying levels ranging from barely audible to annoying and not necessarily on a daily basis. It could start at around 7:30 in the evening and usually stops by 10:30 pm. Noise pollution is now being looked at more seriously in Goa and therefore we expect this issue to be resolved in the near future.
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