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Welcome to ELSEWHERE, Goa's best kept secret. If you are looking for a Small Beach Hotel, A boutique hotel in Goa, Luxury Tents on a Goa Beach, A Chic Beach Hotel in Goa, a Romantic Retreat in Goa, Birdwatching, birding in Goa, Goa Ecotourism, Small Goa Beach Resort, Goa Villa Rental, A Beach Holiday in Goa or just the most beautiful exotic location for a holiday in Goa, you have found your destination.
Elsewhere... The Beach House & The Tents
View of the Beach House
The old Portuguese Colony of Goa...
The road follows the Chapora River downstream through fishing hamlets before turning north. From here it winds through fields full of rice, chillies and onions before climbing on to the plateau giving breathtaking views of the beach and ocean. A few kilometers further on you will drop down and follow the shoreline until a Creek forces the road to turn inland. Stop here to admire the view because ahead lies 'Elsewhere'.
The Beach House The Beach House The Beach House The Tents
The Beach House The Tents The Beach House
The Beach House
Pictures of The Beach House, The Tents and Goa.
Goa Pics Goa Pics Goa Pics Goa Pics Goa Pics Goa Pics Goa Pics

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