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'Elsewhere' dates back to 1886 when Anjelo Zeferino Sequeira bought 80,000 sq. mts of land for the total sum of Rs 2,000. Later, after inheriting the property it was divided in half between Anjelo's two sons - Dr. Francisco Joseph Sequeira, a Gynecologist, and Luis Gonzaga de Santana Sequeira, a priest who lived in the neighboring house until the late 1950s. Father Sequeira had his own canoe, which he used to cross the creek and say mass in the Mandrem church. His gravestone can be seen in the Mandrem Church.

The 12 year old Great, Great Grandson of Anjelo Zeferino Sequeira, who will inherit 'Elsewhere' is the son of a prominent fashion photographer in Bombay. His Father remembers idyllic happy family holidays:

"In the days before electricity, fans and air-conditioning 'Elsewhere' was a heaven naturally cooled by the evaporation of the river on the east and the constant sea breeze from the west. I recollect stories from my childhood about the family spending the summer in Mandrem. Great big baskets of clams were boiled in copper vessels filled with toddy from the coconut trees to feast on after long swims. Fish from the sea was so abundant that nets used to be bursting and it took hours to pull them in. Baskets of fish were used to manure the coconut trees, which still stand on the property. Moonlit nights were spent on the beach waiting to catch a glimpse of the turtles, which came regularly to nest on the beach."

His desire to recreate happy times at 'Elsewhere' has resulted in a lovingly and carefully transformed, sumptuous but simple beach house. Now with electricity, running water, cooker and fridge for comfort 'Elsewhere' still offers you the opportunity to cook fish over a fire, sit for hours transfixed watching the ocean and be delighted by the night sky unspoiled by the neon glow of street lights. Simple yet comfortable, 'Elsewhere' is a house full of character, meant for those who appreciate the things that time does not change . . . .
The whole area is a nature lovers dream with an abundance of birds and river life including Otters that nest only a few meters upstream from the tents and can be seen swimming past the tents if you are lucky. If your visit coincides with the nesting of a Marine Turtle on the beach or the hatching of marine turtles, you may witness one of the most memorable wonders of nature.

SIMON the fisherman & THE CATCH OF THE DAY- Simon, the local fisherman and his two sons Elvis and Savio have a fishing boat. Elvis and Savio usually go out to sea, on their fishing trips before daybreak. They return soon after sunrise and would be happy to show you the catch of the day. It will be sold at market rates and the staff will be happy to help you with the barbecue.

ELSEWHERE protects and guards turtles and their nests and can provide information about the approximate date of hatching turtle nests to coincide with your visit.

Helping the hatching baby turtles, in front of the house and tents.
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